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GTE charger The battery charger sits in the hatch back area.The charger's cover is removed and sitting beside it in this photo.
Blueprints Some of the GTE specific documentation.
Carl Swanstrom
Red GTII Carl from Illinois sent me this photo of his GTII. It appears to be a Very sharp car. He has owned it for 20 years. The original owner cut out the headlight openings before deciding the kit was too much work. Carl has owned it ever since. Carl actually had a GT on order from Bradley when he saw the ad for this car in the paper. He made the owner an offer and Bradley let him cancel his order.
Tim Arledge
Yellow GTII This car is owned by Tim in Ohio and is currently for sale
Tim was not the original builder however the builder was a very meticulous family friend. I believe these pictures show the level of detail. Tim has had this GTII a little over 5 years and is selling it to persue another automotive project.
GTII rear It has a 1640cc dual port VW engine with many polished aluminum, chromed and paint detailed engine parts. The engine has been custom built and uses a Holley Weber progressive 2bbl. carb., a C-35 cam, a Bosch .009 mechanical advance distributor, chromed mechanical fuel pump and regulator, it also uses a "Maxi-Flow" oil pump and external oil filter system. Exaust is through a custom "Monza Quad" muffler system.
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