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Two tone GTII This car was for sale in the Pacific North West (if I remember correctly)some time ago. I don't know who the owner was or is.
Bruce Parker
Body work Bruce from Texas wrote...
"My 16 year old son Kevin wanted a Baja Bug for his 1st car until a friend had this Bradley GT2 to sell. He was going to complete it but never got around to it and when Kevin saw it he knew that was the car for him. I'd never even heard of a GT2 until i saw this one. It was a completed body but not smoothed or painted, with the apholstry in a bag ( presewn) and the original instruction binder. We are at least the 3rd owners and a lot of work was done like the wiring, the top was fiberglassed in place and the doors were installed, but it had never even been drilled for a frame. We brought it home and started to work on the body work. The car was together but it was pretty rough, and yellow."
Right side "My nephew gave me three Beetles for parts cars to build one Beetle. We traded the bugs, (all in bad shape but lots of ok original German body parts that were plenty salvageable) for a chassis out from under an Avenger kit with the back end burned off. The frame was in nice shape with a good transmission, and a title...what a deal.
I have already built the engine and gotten the chassis practically driveable"
Custom Taillights A lot of smoothing has gone into it at this point. As spotty as it is, it is practically ready for the full primer job. We will be using a PPG Omni Basecoat/Clearcoat paint on it. The only glass we had was the rear hatchback and the 2 sunroof windows, no windshield and no side windows. We have since made those out of Lucite-Tuff material. The rack it is sitting on has been a real help, it was built by my brother. We can roll the car in and out of the garage and maneuver it easily.
Also, i have installed a set of ZR-1 Corvette tail lights on mine and done away with the "school bus" tail lights. the switch wasn't too bad and looks great. "
Engine This is a shot of the Engine they built for the car. It is a 73 model 1600 with a 1641 kit in it. they had it balanced, installed aluminum pushrods, a set of CB Performance 044 heads, a Bosch Blue coil, a 009 dist, a Compufire ignition, and a 2bbl Weber carb. plus a few pretty things. It is painted Detroit Diesel green. It was their first experience with building a VW engine (but Bruce built many V-8's) and they built it from a bare block.
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