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Chassis prep
VW front suspension On to the front end.... As I mentioned, the plan was to swap out the adjustable beam for a stock one. At the Carlisle Kit Car show I got a great deal on a complete disk brake front end. So, I now have the complete adjustable axle for sale.
VW disc brake front end At this point, I drained the brake system, changed the master cylinder, replaced a broken brake line and refilled the system. It was also around this time when I spent most of an afternoon adjusting the rear torsion bars to eliminate the sag in the right rear.
Bradley Chassis test drive Ok, before we get back to the rebuild.... Now that the chassis is back together and is functional without the body, I just couldn't resist the urge to take it once around the yard..
Bradley chassis test drive 2 Alright, maybe it was more than once around the yard....
Bradley chassis test drive 3 Here I picked up a couple of hitch-hikers.....
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