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Body prep
completed repair I have mixed up another batch and sprayed it on with an air brush. After it dried I wet sanded then polished the area. It came out pretty good. There are a couple of pinholes that I will probably go back and fix later.
Heater Plenums Installing the heater plenums in the front wheel wells before and after photo.
Headlight mechanism I started working on cleaning up the headlight mechanism. When I took it apart it was completely frozen and the gear box on the motor felt like it was stripped. Here I found the problem; the headlight shafts were siezed in their bearings. These flange mounted bearings cost about $5 to replace but I had another idea.
Turning new bushing It occured to me that these bearings were probably a little overkill for the low speed the headlights operate at. I also figured if I replaced them eventually they would sieze up again. I decided to push the bronze bushing out of it's carrier and replace it with a bushing turned from UHMW plastic. Now, the only reason I did this was because I happen to have a lathe and a ready supply of plastic. Otherwise I probably would have just replaced them.
Unfinished parts Here are the pieces of what will be the headlight assembly prior to finishing.
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