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old and new Getting both of these back on the road should not really be that big of a deal. The chassis is shot on the new car but the only critical piece the car is missing is the passenger side door glass and I have all of the pieces for my old car. I guess though that the first step to getting them both running will be to get just one running!
New GTII This car is also missing the front bumper, the sunroof plexi, and the interior. The seats are not right but they have Bradley stickers on them. None of these problems are show stoppers though.
Hood panel Here is a closeup shot showing the way the front louvers are cut open to supply fresh air to the ventilation system. This was changed in later versions of the car and the air was supplied from under the chassis.
Rodent nest Originally, I hadn't planned on stripping this car down this far but I soon realized that it was completely infested with mice. The mice were gone but they left their nests behind. Here is one of the larger nests I found when I pulled off the roof apholstery. I also found several in the heating system.
Windshield removed I got to a point where I just decided it was best to strip this one down too. Besides, I'm really good at taking them apart!
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