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Rusted interior The engine, which is frozen and missing pushrod tubes is a '73. The steering column is shot. The collapsible section looks like it was twisted off. But, most importantly, the body is in better shape than mine. It was painted 2-tone white and gold at some point in the past. The dash has a nasty looking hole where someone mounted a radio and the center console is broken and missing a few switches. It seems to be older than my other car and the fiberglass seems to be thicker.
seats This is one of the seats that came with the second car. Definitely not a GTII seat.
Chassis prep
Bradley GTII VW Chassis The front axle beam has adjusters installed that lower a car which, quite frankly, is already low enough. This will be swapped for a standard axle beam.
Bradley GTII  Chassis rear The original builder installed a fuel injected 2.0 liter VW bus engine. I believe that I will be happy with the performance but don't care for it's looks. The aluminum is corroded very badly and looks ratty. The plan is to strip it down to clean and paint all of the engine tin.
VW type 4 engine disassembled As the engine came apart, I was surprised to discover that some rodent had packed it full of maple tree seeds. I was very glad that I hadn't tried to start the engine as it no doubt would have overheated and/or caught fire. At this point, about 1/3rd of the engine tin was stripped.
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