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Body prep
Stripped GTII The car is completely stripped of all sub-assemblies and now I just need to finish removing the old paint and filler to begin repairs.
Front end damage This is the sight of a previous repair attempt. The old paint wasn't even removed from under the body putty. It also appears that there is a layer of surface filler or primer (the red stuff) between the bondo and the fiberglass. Because of this the filler chips off fairly easily.
chipping away old repair This is a close up shot after chipping away more of the filler and pealing out a strip of fiberglas that had been layed down in the crack. I'm not really sure what was going on here or exactly how many layers of repair we are looking at.
Original damage This is the front corner after removing several layers of paint, filler and fiberglass. It's finally down to just gell coat and fiberglass in the area of the crack.
Pair of GTII's I once read a rule about fiberglass repair that goes something like: If repair is going to save you less than half the price of a replacement you should probably just replace it. As I began to look at the stress cracks all over my car I started to wonder if it was really a project I should tackle. The idea of finding a body in better shape started to sound very attractive. Fortunately, one surfaced just at that time. The work needed to fix this body will be minimal compared to mine. Eventually, I will probably fix the other one too, once I get a little more experience with fiberglass repair.
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