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Bradley GTII Rear View The plan is to seperate the body from the pan and go over everything. The chassis itself is in fairly good condition however there is a slight sag in the passenger side rear corner.
My New GTII This is a second GTII I bought and hauled home from Columbus Ohio, about a 7 hour trip one way. I bought the car because the body work on mine was looking like it would take a bit more work than I was up to.
The Chassis on this car is shot. I have never seen this much rust. The entire drivers side is gone including the flange you would normally weld replacement pans to. The front end where the axle beam mounts is almost rusted off. I can't make out the serial number but it is an old swing axle.
Rusted interior The engine, which is frozen and missing pushrod tubes is a '73. The steering column is shot. The collapsible section looks like it was twisted off. But, most importantly, the body is in better shape than mine. It was painted 2-tone white and gold at some point in the past. The dash has a nasty looking hole where someone mounted a radio and the center console is broken and missing a few switches. It seems to be older than my other car and the fiberglass seems to be thicker.
seats This is one of the seats that came with the second car. Definitely not a GTII seat.
Chassis prep
Bradley GTII VW Chassis The front axle beam has adjusters installed that lower a car which, quite frankly, is already low enough. This will be swapped for a standard axle beam.
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