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  Part Number: 10907   Description: Fuel gauge

 Original Manufacturer:  VDO
 Manufacturer Part No.:  
 Replacement Supplier:  Speedometer Plus
 Supplier's Part No.:  
 Link:  http://www.speedometerplus.com/
 Notes: You can use just about any gauge. Unfortunately, if you are interested in staying original, this particular style is no longer made. Speedometer Plus has a few gauges and they can also fix broken gauges.
This style was also used in the Bricklin. Terry at Bricklin Parts & Services has some of these guages.

Bricklin Parts & Services
2687 Rocky Ford Rd.
Bedford, VA 24523
(540) 586-9761

Speedometer Plus
8916 Ellis Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone (310)-838-7350
Fax (310)-838-7442



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