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  Part Number: 10309   Description: Motor

 Original Manufacturer:  Bosch
 Manufacturer Part No.:  
 Replacement Supplier:  salvage yard
 Supplier's Part No.:  
 Notes: The original headlight motor can be found as a windshield wiper motor in a Porche as well as some other vehicles.
Markings found on one I have:

American Bosch
Columbus Miss.
Made in USA
WWC 12L 612
12v   9 10 76

Your other option is to use a driver's side headlight motor from a Fiat X1\9 made by SWF.
Markings on motor:
SWM 401 400
4269 538

This should cost about $50 to $75 used. The X1\9 motor is slightly different and requires some simple modifications both in mounting and wiring. It will, however, be much more reliable and simplifies the entire system. I'll post conversion instructions as I take pictures of mine.



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