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  Part Number: 10154   Description: Gas spring

 Original Manufacturer:  Suspa or Gas Spring Corp.
 Manufacturer Part No.:  10154
 Replacement Supplier:  McMaster - Carr
 Supplier's Part No.:  9416k16-80lbs
 Link:  http://www.mcmaster.com
 Notes: These were originally made by Suspa. Their part number is C16-00221. They are still available but you would have to order a hundred or so.

4 springs for Gull wing doors
Original Specs:
Extended Length: 389mm (15.32")
Stroke: 150 mm (6")
Shaft: 8mm
Cylinder: 18.5mm (3/4")
Force: 325N (75lbs)

Another option:
Steve recommends: MightyLift D95211



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