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Part No.DescriptionQuantity
3157#10 flat washer53
3135#10x3/4 RHP screw58
3123#2x3/8 FHP SMS8
3124#4x1/4 PHP SMS4
3150#6 flat washer4
3128#6x1/2 FHP SMS2
3129#6x1/2 RHP screw67
3125#6x3/4 OHP screw50
3131#8x1/2 RHP SMS black26
31581/2 flat washer2
30761/2-13x2 hex bolt2
31211/2x13 locknut2
102221/4 ID x 1/4 Rubber grommet8
31791/4 spring lock washer3
31521/4" flat washer93
103311/4" I.D. grommet2
102681/4" pushnut2
31031/4-20 half jam nut8
31011/4-20 locknut126
30431/4-20x1 FHP screw10
30411/4-20x1 hex screw10
30341/4-20x1-1/4 Carr. Hd screw8
30461/4-20x1-1/4 FHP screw25
30421/4-20x1-1/4 hex screw12
30441/4-20x1-3/4 hex head screw4
30371/4-20x1/2 FHP screw8
30481/4-20x2-1/2 FHP screw8
30471/4-20x2-1/2 hex screw5
30381/4-20x3/4 FHP screw15
30401/4-20x3/4 hex head screw26
30391/4-20X3/4 RHP screw14
30361/4-20x5/8 Carr. Hd Screw5
30521/4-28x1/2 hex head screw3
32001/4x1 roll pin4
31401/4x1-1/4 lag hex bolt18
30531/4x3/4 shoulder screw2
103301/8 pushnut6
101251/8" diameter cord, 7'1
309210-24 locknut94
302710-24x1 RHP screw13
313410-24x1/2 RHP screw1
302110-24x1/2 RHP screw21
302610-24x3/4 OHP screw19
302510-24x3/4 RHP screw27
302210-24x5/8 OHP screw12
303010-32x3/8 RHP screw1
400112 V bulb #11572
105512-1/2" diamter hose, 30"2
2403" tube, 5'2
3673/16" diameter rope, 15'1
31553/8 flat washer50
31113/8-16 locknut50
30693/8-16x1-1/2 hex bolt28
30663/8-16x2 hex bolt8
30713/8-16x2-1/2 hex bolt6
30703/8-16x2-1/4 hex bolt2
30733/8-16x2-3/4 hex bolt2
30723/8-16x4 hex bolt4
31825/16 external lock washer4
31545/16 flat washer32
31675/16 ID nylon washer6
102175/16 int/ext lockwasher12
109175/16 Pushnut4
31075/16-18 locknut56
30625/16-18x1" hex head screw12
30585/16-18x1-1/4 hex screw8
30595/16-18x2 hex head bolt8
30565/16-18x3/4 hex head bolt12
101525/16-18x3/4 trim bolt8
30796-32 locknut4
30296-32x3/4 Hex Head4
105016mmx1.0 hex nut2
28318mm hex nut6
31599/16 SAE flat washer2
10089Acoustical pad 4'x6'1
10198Actuating link latch left1
10194Actuating link latch right1
10761Adapter 1961-19731
10762Adapter 1974-19771
10656Adhesive 1838 BA8
306Adjuster lever2
11165Adjustment access cover2
10405Air louver4
11040Aluminum sheet 15"x7-3/8"1
10069Angle bracket1
10305Arm and shaft2
10307Arm coupling1
10925Arm rest board1
11014Arm rest upholstery1
10653Backing plate2
2830Ball stud14
308Bell washer2
10188Black knob8
1062Blower motor1
10913Blower switch1
10915Blue indicator light1
10050Body GT II1
10959Body Sealer, 1/2 lb. (Permagum)1
10324Bottom brace2
10184Bracket pull strap2
11060Bradley logo1
11061Bradley madallion1
10269Brake reservoir bracket1
3165Brass flat washer6
10609Bumper clamp2
10618Bumper extension tube2
10615Bumper molding2
10131Button head rivet1
11155Cable clamp3
11163Cable end clamp3
10710Cable plate1
11021Capped fastener long6
11030Carpet trim strip3
10223Catch handle2
11059Chrome edge trim, 20'1
365Chrome locking strip, 148"1
2816Chrome trim ring2
10255Close cell sponge, 62"2
10315Connecting link1
10193Connecting link latch1
11134Console foam, 3"x5"x17"1
11010Console upholstery1
383Contact cement8
10060Control cable3
10924Dash bracket2
10920Dash skin2
11018Dash strip upholstery1
11003Dash upholstery1
230Defroster vents6
10210Door Handle Bezel2
10153Door hinge4
10174Door latch2
10224Door plate striker2
10102Door support structure1
144Drain plug1
376Dropping resistor1
143Elbow fitting1
10070Engine cover1
10058Engine cover hinge2
11068Exterior mirror2
10064Firewall panel1
10130Flange support strip2
11139Foam 1/2"x5-1/2x81
10166Foam weatherstrip, 72"2
11135Foam, 1"x48"x54"1
10192Forward Door Seal2
10401Fresh air plenum1
10261Front access cover1
10601Front bumper1
10606Front bumper bracket2
10953Front end harness1
10252Front mounting bracket1
10120Front support stub2
10607Front turn signal2
10954Frt. to engine wire harness1
96Fuel filter1
10907Fuel gauge1
10256Fuel line, 24"1
10154Gas spring4
2835Gas spring3
10250Gas tank1
10227Gasket press lock2
10163Glazing channel, 24"2
10904Glove box1
10919Glove box door1
10916Green indicator light2
10931Ground plate1
10760GT Steering wheel1
10159H channel2
10707Hardtop bracket2
10104Hardtop extrusion, 73"2
10115Hardtop headliner1
10702Hatchback hinge1
11008Hatchback sill upholstery1
10701Hatchback window1
10914Hazard switch1
2817Headlight gasket2
10912Headlight lock switch1
10910Headlight switch1
11011Headliner upholstery1
10562Heater hose 12"1
10555Heater Tube2
10216Hinge backing plate4
10266Hinge rod1
108Hose clamp3
236Hose clamp5
146Hose clamp2
236Hose clamp5
10308Housng bracket2
10602Inner structure4
10951Ins. panel wire harness1
366Insertion tool1
10903Instrument panel1
10226Keeper press lock2
10927Knob glove box1
10221Latch handle2
11151Latch housing3
11153Latch spring3
11154Latch washer3
10801Left Bucket seat1
10206Left door panel1
11006Left door panel upholstery1
11031Left door sill carpet1
11034Left firewall carpet1
11026Left front panel carpet1
11015Left front pillar upholstery1
10200Left gull wing door1
10319Left headlight housing1
10557Left heater plenum1
10164Left L channel1
10105Left quarter window1
11012Left quarter window upholstery1
11004Left rear qtr. upholstery1
11001Left seat upholstery1
10171Left side window1
10169Left sunroof1
10352Left taillight housing1
250License plate frame2
254License plate light1
10229Limit bracket2
10336Limit switch assembly1
10328Limit switch bracket1
11159Long striker head1
10928Magnetic catch & latch1
10311Motor arm1
10323Motor bracket1
10181Mounting bracket9
10254Mounting strap2
10908Oil pressure gauge1
134Oil pressure sending unit1
3166Oillite flat washer2
10196Operating link left1
10195Operating link right1
10157Press lock key2
10068Prop mounting bracket1
11009Pull strap2
2788Push on terminal11
10107Quarter window extrusion2
10253Rear bracket1
10651Rear bumper1
10654Rear bumper bracket2
11029Rear package carpet1
11028Rear panel carpet1
360Rearview mirror1
10918Red indicator light1
2882Reflector, amber2
2880Reflector, red4
10197Retainer clip2
232Retainer tube10
10559Ribbon sealer2
10851Right bucket seat1
10207Right door panel1
11007Right door panel upholstery1
11032Right door sill carpet1
11035Right firewall carpet1
11027Right front panel carpet1
10201Right gull wing door1
10320Right headlight housing1
10558Right heater plenum1
10165Right L channel1
10106Right quarter window1
11013Right quarter window upholstery1
11005Right rear qtr. upholstery1
11002Right seat upholstery1
10172Right side window1
10170Right sunroof1
10353Right taillight housing1
11016Rigt front pillar upholstery1
49Rubber extrusion4
3501Rubber strip, 1/8"x1"x12"4
10714Rubber strip, 1/8"x1"x3"4
2777Scotch lock splice, yellow1
11132Seat arm foam, 1"2
11133Seat arm rest foam, 1"2
11129Seat base foam, 1"x10"x14"4
10805Seat rail bracket8
304Seat rail with lock2
302Seat rail without lock2
11130Seat side foam, 1"x10"x14"4
11131Seat side top foam, 1"4
10451Shaded windshield1
11020Short capped fastener4
10703Shoulder nut5
11057Side trim kit1
364Silicone sealant7
10158Sliding window2
10652Spacer inner bumper8
10228Spacer latch2
10318Spacer mounting bracket1
10657Spacer Tube2
10267Spring access cover1
10753Steering extension tube1
10234Stop channel2
11157Striker plate1
10173Striker plate2
11158Striker plate1
11157Striker plate1
10225Sunroof extrusion 68"2
10122Support plate2
12020Tacking strip 1/16x1/2x442
10357Taillight bracket2
10354Taillight gasket2
10955Taillight harness1
10957Tie wrap8
10317Torsion spring1
11041Trim clip #231022
11162Triple striker head2
10160U channel2
10U clamp1
10952Under dash harness1
11019Upholostery bracket2
10180Weatherseal body & door 54"2
10179Weatherstip 100"3
10185Weatherstrip U channel, 30"2
10161Weatherstrip, 16"4
10085Wheel well blank2
10072Wheel well brace4
10706Window bracket2
10232Window strap2
10452Windshield extrusion 148"1
10510Windshield Wiper Kit1
10502Wiper arm2
10503Wiper blade2
10956Wiper motor harness1
10162Wiper strip, 15"2
10911Wiper switch1



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